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  • The Truth About Alimony in Florida

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    Image source:  www.wtxl.com MYTH: If      “permanent” alimony is eliminated, current alimony judgments could be changed simply based upon the modification to the alimony statute. TRUTH: Permanent alimony is always modifiable unless the parties have specifically agreed otherwise.  However, Article I of the United States Constitution and   Article I, Section 10, of the Florida Constitution prohibit […]

  • Family Law: Collaborative Law Alliance Rolling Out Divorce Process Roadmap


    Article by Jeanmarie Papelian \ The McLane Law Firm Originally published in the New Hampshire Bar Association The Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire (CLANH) has developed a new roadmap to assist divorcing parties in achieving their goals efficiently and effectively, and to let them know where they are in the process at every stage. In a collaborative divorce, […]

  • What family lawyers were talking about this week… by John Bolch


    BY: John Bolch – http://www.marilynstowe.co.uk As I mentioned in this post, this week is the secondFamily Dispute Resolution Week organised byResolution, the association of family lawyers. The aim is to raise awareness of alternatives to court for separating couples and their families, which is particularly appropriate now that legal aid is no longer available for most private family law […]